Accept and Automate BPAY Receivables for Xero

We help add & reconcile BPAY payments to Xero invoices.


Already have a BPAY facility but need help to set it up into your processes?

Or are you still manually matching your incoming BPAY CRN receipts to Xero invoices? 

If you are and want to remove these steps,  our automated workflows can help.

We help generate and allocate CRN to Xero invoices,  read your daily payment file and automatically apply the payment receipts to outstanding Xero invoices. 

So now you can easily add BPAY & reconcile Xero invoices to make getting paid with BPAY easier.

To make sure we can help you, please book a free 30 minute call or click the 'Do I qualify?' to answer 5 questions we have.

Read the BPAY press release here

Parakeet and BPAY partnership


Make adding & receiving BPAY payments in Xero easy

We help make getting paid easier with BPAY

BYO BPAY facility

Establish your BPAY facility

Once you have established your BPAY facility with a BPAY accepting institution, we are ready to go.  

Not sure if your bank can give you BPAY? 


Go to the BPAY website here.

Accept Xero BPAY payments CBA
Accept Xero BPAY payments WBC
Accept Xero BPAY payments NAB
Accept Xero BPAY payments Macquarie DEFT
Accept Xero BPAY payments Bankwest

Get BPAY to show on your Xero invoices

We help you configure Xero invoices to add BPAY

Next, we will help set up your Xero invoices to include the BPAY & CRN.


Depending on your volume, we also build an custom automated workflow to help generate as well as add the CRN to your customer records in Xero.

Accept Xero BPAY payments
Accept Xero BPAY payments
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BPAY payments made by your customers

Accept Xero BPAY payments
Accept Xero BPAY payments

We receive the daily payment files


We work with you to determine the most efficient and automated way for your daily payment file to reach us.  Whether that's via email or secure file sharing, we can accomdate.


Customisation may be required - We will determine and advise the cost of any additional customisation for your business. 



Our automation kicks in and auto-match your BPAY payment file with outstanding customer invoices in Xero and mark it as 'Payment received'. 


Exceptions such as reversals will continue to be managed by you. 


We use a series of clearing accounts, so when it comes to do your bank reconciliation, it is literally a 1 click-n-transfer process to a clearing account. 

Accept Xero BPAY reconciliation

Ready to simplify your BPAY receivables?