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Automate your payroll payments.
Works with all payroll and accounting software.

Our software handles your payroll payments, without data-entry or double handling. 

Provide the payroll file to us, approve it in the Parakeet portal and it's paid.   


We don't need you to share bank logins, credentials or tokens.

Supports multi-entity and multi-bank account allocations. 

Get set up in 30 minutes.  

Payroll payments at scale

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Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.32_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.32_edited.png

Payroll for multiple entities

Pay employees for multiple entities, from different bank accounts,  automatically. 


No manual switching of accounts or individual uploading to your banking platform needed. 

Whether it's 50 or 500 payrolls a week, we can automate it. 

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Allocate payroll payments to different bank accounts

Customised workflows so employee payments are paid from the correct account for each paying entity.   


Whether it's 1 or 50 accounts, we can automate it. 

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Works with your accounting or payroll software

We don't need you to change your accounting or payroll software.

As long as your software can generate a payment file, we can automate it. 


For Xero users, manage your bills and payroll in 1 place

You can now use Parakeet for all your AP needs.  


No more jumping in and out of platforms and less errors.  

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You don't need to log in to internet banking 

We don't need your bank login, access or details of your bank balance to pay your payroll for you. 

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Quick win

Get going in 30 minutes.  No lengthy setup or configurations required.


"Absolute time saver! Spent several weeks having to jump in and jump out of various websites just to make payments......... this just makes life EASY! Def 10 out of 10! once it's setup it's practically automatic."

Shelly Wong

We support all accounting & payroll systems

Single or multi-entity support

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+ more *

Generate your payment file

Generate the payroll from your payroll software (e.g. Xero, Employment Hero, Quickbooks, etc)

Save your payroll file to a secure location provided by Parakeet, with restricted user access.   

You can save multiple payroll files for multiple entities and Parakeet will automatically allocate the right bank account to use for each entity based on the custom rules you set up with us. 

Read more below. 

* Note - Parakeet is an accredited Xero partner and is not affiliated with any other named software brands listed.

Parakeet receives the payroll file

Parakeet create the payroll payment entries per entity, ready for your approval.

Approval step.png

Payment approval step (optional)

Approve the payroll payment in Parakeet

Enable payments approval in Parakeet for extra control.

We will provide your delegated approvers with approval access.

Once it is approved in Parakeet,  we pay your employees.  

We do not need you to share internet login details or security tokens. 

Payroll for different legal entities?

Multi-bank account support

Do you use different bank accounts for different paying entity?

For example, Entity A, pay from Bank account A; Entity B, pay from Bank account B. 

If so, we can customise Parakeet so after the payroll is approved, Parakeet automatically chooses the right bank account to use.

Note - customisation fee may apply

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Clearing time

T + 3 Business day clearance

Plan and schedule your payroll in advance.

For NAB and Westpac customers (facility required)

Next business day clearance

For NAB or WBC customers, we can assist you with same or next business day payroll clearance to your employees. 

Contact us to discuss the banking facility you need and how to arrange it with your bank. 

Remittance and history stored centrally for record

Finally, we will store the details of the remittance in a secured location for easy access and record keeping.


Try it for 14 days

Take the 14 days free trial and see if it suits your business.

All our plans are month-by-month with no locked in contract.

Save time, errors and risk with no third party access

Whether you are paying 50 or 5,000 payrolls a month,  you will save time spent on uploading and paying multiple payroll files for your business and reduce the risk of handling ABA files.  This is done without providing confidential access to your bank account or internet banking credentials to third parties.   

Helping Australia's business community

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Pick Your Plan


Don't WaIt Anymore.

Simplify your Payroll Payments
(14 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees)


Scale-Up Plan
$175 per month

2,000 payroll payments per year

After 2,000th payment 

$1.10 per transaction 

Inclusions resets every 12 months

Monthly Memberships Plans

Start with 14 days free trial
Then select one of the plans below

Growth Plan 

$100 per month
500 payroll payments per year
$1.30 per bill thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$175 per month
2,000 payroll payment per year
$1.10 per bill thereafter

Established Plan

$350 per month
4,500 payroll payments per year
$1.00 per bill thereafter

Large Plan

$575 per month
8,000 payroll payments per year
$0.90 per bill thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application

>8,000 payroll payments per year
Enquire for custom pricing


Multi-bank & Multi-account workflow customisation Fee:


Direct Debit dishonours & Payment Returns:

$25 per transaction

All fees quotes excludes GST. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Do I need to integrate my accounting or payroll software for this to work?

No, as long as you can generate a payment file out of your current payroll or accounting software, then Parakeet can assist.

No complicated connection required. We can set this up with you in 30 minutes. 

2. Is this just for Xero or Parakeet users?

No.  You don't have to be an existing Parakeet or Xero user to use this service. 

If you are a Xero user, then you can benefit from having your vendor/supplier/BPAY and payroll payments centralised through Parakeet. 

3. Can I try this and see if it's suitable?

Yes. Try the 14 days free trial.

4. Can I cancel payroll payments if it has been collected?

Yes, as long as you advise us within 3 business days of us debiting your account. 

5. Do you need access to my banking details or login?

No. We do not need (or want) your banking login credentials or access to your bank accounts. You also don't need to login to your internet banking facility or upload ABA files individually. 

6. Can I provide multiple payroll payment files for different entities and can Parakeet automatically allocate and pay from each entities' bank account?

Yes.  We custom build this for you so you don't have to load it up individually each time.  

We think your find time a big time saver for you.  

7. Can I use different Bank Accounts for each payroll file?

Yes.  We will customise and build this workflow for you. 

8. Do I need to have large volumes or multiple entities to use Parakeet?

No. Every business we speak to have different objectives.

So whether you run payroll for 1 entity or multiple entities, you can use Parakeet.


(as long as you think we can save you time and reduce risk)

9. Do you provide an onboarding service?

Yes we do.  in fact that is our norm and it's an important part of making sure the onboarding is successful.  

Start your 14 days trial?

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