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base2 services shows confidence in Parakeet pay platform with investment and long term partnership.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

base2 services ( as one of Australia's most recognised and respected cloud development and operations companies, has partnered and invested in Parakeet pay to further innovation and opportunities in the B2B payment space. 

As a leader in cloud technology base2 recognises that the future of payments lies in the ability to change the landscape and enable companies to profit from their payments by attacking the challenges of late payments, early settlement discounts and payment orchestration.

The ability for Parakeet pay to innovate in this space is directly attributable to the support and services architecture provided by base2. The extensive knowledge of cloud applications makes deployments easier and more affordable for base2 clients such as zelo pay.

Arthur Marinis, MD of base2 had this to say about working with innovative companies such as Parakeet pay, 

"We understand the complexity of running an accessible and high performance cloud system, and how each business application has its own specific needs. Sometimes it's good to be disruptive. We don't focus on the lift and shift solution for our clients. We focus on agile solutions that are scripted, repeatable and scalable—and can adapt and change with your business needs."


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