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How to build your (and your business) reputation with action.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Today it’s all about online reputation and how to manage, finesse, polish and upkeep that reputation.

What if you are are not an avid social media user and prefer to rely on word of mouth? How do you build that reputation from scratch?

People like dealing with people and if your reputation is built on trust, authenticity and credibility, advocates for your business and referrals will be a mainstay of your business.

To build a personal & business reputation, as Henry Ford rightly points out, “a reputation is built on action not on words” ( ).

Building your reputation boils down to the action of doing the right thing and doing what you promise you will do. It’s about honouring your role in the transaction, whether that be in the context of personal or business.

Personally, a promise made is one that must be delivered. Every action taken to fulfil a promise creates trust and credibility.

In the context of business, if you are providing a good or service, it’s taking action to make sure you deliver on your promise on time and quality.

If you are a customer, then it’s taking action to honour and pay for the goods or services on-time.

After all, your reputation is the silent differentiator every person & business can build.

Action speaks louder than words.

Parakeet makes taking action on your invoices & bills easy.

Whether through EFT of BPAY bills automation or adding early payment discounts to invoices, your reputation is guaranteed to grow with Parakeet.


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