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Partner Journeys

Building stronger business communities with Esker.

Key Benefits

Reduce invoice processing cost by as much as 60% and receive or enter invoices up to 65% faster.

We're delivering one comprehensive platform — an integrated and embedded solution into established Esker software, which minimises change for existing clients.


Used by more than 6,000 companies worldwide, Esker’s solutions incorporate technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) to drive increased productivity, enhanced visibility, reduced fraud risk, and improved collaboration with customers, suppliers and internally.

As a reputable, large, global provider with the technical resources and know how to integrate, we felt Esker was a model that could be replicated to similar providers. With our output, Esker's clients could save not just save cost (through invoice automation), but earn a return on their payments. In turn, we've been able to deepen relationships with clients beyond AP into CFO territory.


We chose to collaborate with Esker because our products compliment one another. They provide upstream services to get an invoice to be in an 'approved' state. Parakeet subsequently completes the payment — early or on-time. It creates a true end-to-end invoice to payment workflow.


Esker is a worldwide leader in AI-driven process automation software, helping financial and customer service departments digitally transform their procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) cycles.

Esker's ability to aggregate 'accepted' invoices in one platform provides an opportunity for their customers to simplify their complete invoice to pay experience within a singular integration. This solution aligns with their customer's desire to achieve excellence in all aspect of their operations via automations and capital efficiency programs such as a large scale early payment program to support their communities.

We are delighted to be working with Esker's management team who have been open to innovation and have believed in our mission from the start.​

Esker's AI and automation enable greater controls whilst fostering a better sense of community.


  • Fit for purpose:
    Use one single platform to automate long tail supplier payments via cards and larger payments via bank accounts. Reconciliation is made easier with all accounts, merchant facilities and cards, as well as invoices and analytics in one place.


  • Automate and eliminate manual invoice processing: 
    Cloud based AI driven data capture allows for touchless processing and a consolidated, global workflow - even in multiple ERP instances. Easily digitise and standardise every invoice format. Plug and play ERP connectivity.


  • Control and approve. Anywhere. Anytime: 
    Whether on desktop or mobile, stay in control with simple ways to track, prioritise & allocate spend against limits & reset dates.


  • Collect and offer returns:
    Provides an additional source of revenue on cash by offering early payment incentives.


  • Secured workflows and authorisation 
    Better governance over financials through automated and embedded workflows reduces risk of fraud associated with manual payments and ensures that the correct level of authorisation is always applied within the agreed upon budget.

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