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Bring BPAY to Xero invoices

Add BPAY to Xero invoices.

Have a BPAY facility and want to show it on your invoices?

Use our set-up service so customers can start paying you via BPAY.

Or are you spending too much time managing CRNs or matching incoming BPAY receipts to Xero invoices? 

Automate the allocation of CRN to Xero invoices,  match payment files to BPAY receipts and reconcile back into Xero invoices with custom workflows. 

Book a 30 minute call or contact us to discuss.


Read the BPAY press release here

Parakeet and BPAY partnership


Making BPAY easy for Xero users

Let your customers pay with BPAY

Use your own BPAY facility

Establish your BPAY facility

Once you have established your BPAY facility with a BPAY accepting institution, we are ready to go.    

Don't know what check digit rule to use,  CRN length to work with or how to get sample CRNs for your bank?  Contact us for assistance. 

Not sure if your bank can give you BPAY? 


Go to the BPAY website here.

NAB BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments NAB
CBA BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments CBA
Westpac BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments WBC
ANZ BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments Macquarie DEFT
Macquarie BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments Macquarie DEFT
Bankwest BPAY - Accept Xero BPAY payments Bankwest

Get BPAY to show on your Xero invoices

We help you configure Xero invoices to add BPAY

Next, we will help set up your invoices to include the BPAY & CRN automatically. 


This means each time you issue an invoice to your customer, their CRN will automatically show on the invoice, along with any other payment options. 

Accept Xero BPAY payments
Accept Xero BPAY payments
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Easiest way to add BPAY to Xero invoices

Get started quickly

One-time setup fee
Configure BPAY for Xero invoices

$1,095 (GST exclusive)

Best suited
Currently setting up or have an existing BPAY facility in place.

What you get
30 minute introductory call
Walk through on setting up BPAY in Xero
Invoice configuration
Branding theme setup

30-60 minute implementation call

What we need
Copy of your invoice template
Book a time below


"Fantastic software! ...this software is a one of it’s kind and saving my time and money!."

For high volume of BPAY receipts

Automate your processes with custom workflows

Advance Feature: CRN automation

Auto generate and add CRN to Xero invoices

Depending on your volume, we can build a custom workflow to auto-generate and add CRNs to your customer records in Xero.  

This includes using the right check digit rule to generate and assign hundreds or thousands of CRNs using the pre-agreed CRN length. 


Contact us to discuss. 

Accept Xero BPAY payments

Advance Feature: Matching BPAY receipts

Accept Xero BPAY payments

Receive and match daily payment files

We work with you to determine the most efficient and automated way for your daily payment file to reach us.  Whether that's via email, shared drive or secure file sharing, we can accomodate.

Advance Feature: Automated reconciliation


Auto-match your BPAY payment file with outstanding customer invoices in Xero and mark it as 'Payment received'. 


Exceptions such as reversals will continue to be managed by you. 

We also automatically set up a series of clearing accounts, so your bank reconciliation is now a 1 click-n-transfer process.

Accept Xero BPAY reconciliation

Advance Features to automate your BPAY needs

Automated workflows

Customisation fee
Add CRN to existing & new customers
BPAY payments matching and reconciliation

Price on application

Best suited
Managing high volume of BPAY receipts 

What you get
30 minute introductory call
Custom workflow mapping
Custom workflow implementation

60 minute implementation call

What you can automate
Generate & allocate CRN to Xero contacts
Match BPAY payment receipts to Xero invoices
Close & reconcile BPAY invoices

Helping Australia's business community

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Ready to add BPAY to your invoices?

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