Concierge Service to get you started quickly

Membership Plans for every business

14 days free trial & 100% money back guarantee*

Don't have time to do it yourself?   


Use our Concierge Service and let us do all the work for you or select the DIY option and we will walk you through the on-boarding. 


Then select one of our monthly membership plan for regular users or choose our casual membership plan for small businesses, with 4 free transactions included every month.


* 14 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable

* 100% of most recent 3 months membership fees paid to Parakeet and excludes optional extras


All membership packages include:  

(You can start with both bills and invoices module or just one of the modules)


Bills module:

(Watch the bills module demo here)

Invoices module: 

(Watch the invoice module demo here)



Love it, amazing value. 

Perfect combo with Xero.

A must have for all businesses that wants to keep things simple.

What our customers are saying

Plans to reduce your administration & get paid earlier

Give Yourself More Time &
Reward Customers to Pay Your Invoices Early.
(14 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable. All fees quoted excludes GST.)

Monthly Memberships Plans

Growth Plan 
$34.90 per month
30 bills /invoices per month
$1.30 per bill/invoice thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$59.90 per month
60 bills/invoices per month
$1.10 per bill/invoice thereafter

Established Plan

$134.90 per month
150 bills/invoices per month
$1.00 per bill/invoice thereafter

Large Plan

$239.90 per month
300 bills/invoices per month
$0.90 per bill/invoice thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application

>300 bills / invoices per month

$9.90 per month

(Includes 4 transactions every month)

4 bills / invoice per month

After 4th Bill / Invoice
$1.80 per bill / invoice

4 free transactions starts at the beginning of each calendar month


(No cost to your vendors or customers)

No Fees

Free to receive & pay bills uploaded by your vendors.

Free to view & receive payment for invoices uploaded by your customers.

Free to load up BYO merchant facility.


Xero Integration and upload of invoices and bills.


Transfers to Casual membership if a bill or invoice is uploaded to Parakeet via Xero by the Guest user. 


Optional extras (for all memberships)

Concierge Service
Refer here

BPAY requiring OCR:

Price on Application

BPAY for invoices:

Price on Application

(learn more here)

Returns (discounts) brokered via Parakeet:

20% of the return/discount

Card payment charges (for all memberships)

For Bills

Using Credit Cards to pay BPAY bills: 


Pay non-BPAY bills via Credit Card:

0.25% per bill processed via Cards

(this is in addition to any surcharges passed on by vendors) 


As passed on by vendor.  ​

For Invoices:

Receive Credit Card payments using BYO Banking:

0.25% per invoice processed via Cards 

Other charges (for all memberships)

Direct Debit dishonours & Payment Returns:

$15 per transaction

All fees quotes excludes GST. 

Don't have time or the resources to set it up?

Our Concierge Service can take care of everything.


Don't have time or help to set it up? No problems.

We can set it up and keep it running smoothly.


Concierge Service
One-time setup fee to get you started


One-time setup fee for up to 100 bills/invoices with bonus concierge support for first 60 days.

(Set up fee is pro-rated for the 101st bill onwards) 

Best suited for those who has
PDF/copies of bills in Xero in draft of awaiting payment and/or
Invoices in draft or awaiting payment

What we need from you
Access to your Xero account.
PDF/ copies of bills in Xero.

Ready to approve bills/invoices.
Responsive to our queries.

What you get from us
Everything to get your first 100 bills/invoices ready for payment. 

We make sure your Xero contacts, Chart of accounts, Parakeet configurations & Xero integration are all updated & taken care of. 

Monthly Concierge
Optional subscription to keep your bills in order

$30 per month
For Casual, Growth & Scale-Up plans

$50 per month
For Established Plan

$80 per month
For Large Plan

What we need from you
You will continue to load & approve the bill or invoice in Xero (because you know your bills & invoices best).

What you get from us

We will handle errors that comes through after you load & approve your bills or invoices in Xero. 

Instead of you dealing with it, we'll take care of it so everything is kept up to date.



Great for users with good Xero knowledge or Businesses with teams to support configuration.


On-boarding Videos:

Xero configurations:
Chart of Accounts checks
Customer contacts update
Vendor contacts update
Invoice email templates

Parakeet configurations:
Xero connection
Bills payment settings
Merchant ID settings
Invoice payment settings
Discount settings

Video & Phone Support
Up to 3 x 30 minute 

Error & configuration rectification
Support via email, rectification by user


"Fantastic software! ...this software is a one of it’s kind and saving my time and money!."

Timberly Williams

What to expect in your first 60 days with our Concierge Service

Day 1 - 7 (On-Board)

Expect to get an email from us so we can get started immediately.

We will then prepare and automate your first 100 bills or invoices for payment, usually within 5-7 business days.

Day 31 - 60 (Support)

Service now transitions to "Monthly Concierge" service at no charge. 

This means you get free on-going support to make sure new vendors or customers are configured accurately.


Day 7 - 30 (Embed)

By now, we expect a number of bills/invoices would have been paid and reconciled. 

We continue to prepare and automate new bills/invoices that you have loaded & approved.

Day 61+ (Maintain)

Automatically roll into "Monthly Concierge" service based on your membership plan (cancel any time). 

You'll continue to approve the bills and we'll take care of any errors that may arise as new bills / invoices arrive.