Membership Plans for every business

30 days free trial & 100% money back guarantee*

Select one of our monthly membership plan for regular users or choose our free membership plan for small businesses, with 10 free transactions included every month.


* 100% of most recent 3 months fees paid to Parakeet (excludes Card Related Charges)


All membership packages include:  

(You can start with both bills and invoices module or just one of the modules)


Bills module:

(Watch the bills module demo here)

Invoices module: 

(Watch the invoice module demo here)



Love it, amazing value. 

Perfect combo with Xero.

A must have for all businesses that wants to keep things simple.

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Plans to reduce your administration & get paid earlier

Give Yourself More Time &
Reward Customers to Pay Your Invoices Early.

Monthly Memberships Plans

Growth Plan 
$34.90 per month
30 bills/invoices per month
$1.30 per bill/invoice thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$59.90 per month
60 bills/invoices per month
$1.10 per bill/invoice thereafter

Established Plan

$134.90 per month
150 bills/invoices per month
$1.00 per bill/invoice thereafter

Large Plan

$239.90 per month
300 bills/invoices per month
$0.90 per bill/invoice thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application

>300 bills / invoices per month



(Includes 10 transactions every month)

10 Bill / invoice paid from a bank account every month

After 10th Bill / Invoice
$1.80 per bill / invoice

Membership Fee 

$0.00 / per month

10 free transactions starts at the beginning of each calendar month


(No cost to your vendors or customers)

No Fees

Free to receive & pay bills uploaded by your vendors.

Free to view & receive payment for invoices uploaded by your customers.

Free to load up BYO merchant facility.


Xero Integration and upload of invoices and bills.


Transfers to Casual membership if a bill or invoice is uploaded to Parakeet via Xero by the Guest user. 


Optional extras (for all memberships)

BPAY requiring OCR:

Price on Application

Returns (discounts) brokered via Parakeet:

20% of the return/discount

Card related charges (for all memberships)

Card payments:

0.25% per bill or invoice processed via Cards (exclude surcharges)


Where the vendor is the merchant: 

As passed on by vendor.  ​

Parakeet Merchant (to pay BPay bills):


All fees quotes excludes GST.