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Make your job easier

Try it for 14 days

Try it for 14 days and then select from one of our monthly membership plans.


* 14 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable


Reduce your administration & get paid earlier

Fixed Fee Pricing
14 days free trial
(14 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable. All fees quoted excludes GST.)


Monthly Membership Plans

Start with 14 days free trial
Then select one of the plans below

Growth Plan 
$125 per month
750 bills /invoices per year
$1.95 per bill/invoice thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$300 per month
2,500 bills/invoices per year
$1.75 per bill/invoice thereafter

Established Plan

$550 per month
5,000 bills/invoices per year
$1.50 per bill/invoice thereafter

Large Plan

$850 per month
8,500 bills/invoices per year
$1.25 per bill/invoice thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application

>8,500 bills/invoices per year
Enquire for custom pricing

Scale-Up Plan
$300 per month

2,500 bills / invoices per year

After 2,500th transaction
$1.75 per bill / invoice

Inclusions resets every 12 months


(No cost to your vendors or customers)

No Fees

Free to receive & pay bills uploaded by your vendors.

Free to view & receive payment for invoices uploaded by your customers.

Free to load up BYO merchant facility.


Xero Integration and upload of invoices and bills.


Transfers to Casual membership if a bill or invoice is uploaded to Parakeet via Xero by the Guest user. 


"Absolute time saver! Spent several weeks having to jump in and jump out of various websites just to make payments......... this just makes life EASY! Def 10 out of 10! once it's setup it's practically automatic."

Shelly Wong


All membership packages include:  

(You can start with both bills and invoices module or just one of the modules)


Bills module:

(Watch the bills module demo here)

Invoices module: 

(Watch the invoice module demo here)

Optional extras (for all memberships)

Adding BPAY to Xero invoices:

Price on Application

(learn more here)

Early Payment Discounts brokered via Parakeet:

20% of the discount

Card payment charges (for all memberships)

For Bills

Using Credit Cards to pay BPAY bills: 




As passed on by vendor.  ​

For Invoices:

Receive Credit Card payments using BYO Banking:

0.25% per invoice processed via Cards 

Other charges (for all memberships)

Payment dishonours & returns:

$25 per transaction

All fees quotes excludes GST. 

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