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Make your job easier. 
One click bill payment comes to Xero.
No more ABA or batching.


Our software handles all your bill payments (EFT & BPAY)  directly out of Xero without any extra data-entry. 

No ABA or batch files required.​  


Parakeet works beautifully with other data capture, approvals and accounts payable apps, helping you create the perfect bill payments solution for your business. 

After you approve the bills in Xero, we pay the bills, update Xero with payment, reconciliation details and send your vendors remittance details. 

Save time, errors & reduce risk to your business by taking the 14 days free trial.

Get set up in 30 minutes.  

How we help you save time, errors & risk with bills

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.32_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.32_edited.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 12.32_edited.png

Auto-pay BPAY & EFT bills for 1 or multiple entities. No ABA files. 

Save time and control the types and number of bills to you want to auto-pay out of Xero.

Whether it's EFT or BPAY,  5,000 or 60 bills a month for one or multiple entities, we can automate it. 

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Planned date 2.png

Control when you want your bills paid using  planned or due date

Control your AP from Xero. 

Use the planned date or due date to trigger your payments. 

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Keep your banking credentials private

We don't need your bank login, access or details of your bank balance to pay your bills for you. 

Remittance details (1).png
Remittance details (1).png

Vendors notified with useful remittance data

Save time and vendor payment queries with automated bulk vendor remittance advice, enhanced payment data and clear bank statement descriptions attached to each payment.

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App friendly

Works well with other billing, AP software/apps.

Get going in 30 minutes.  No lengthy setup or configurations required.


No more platform switching to pay bills

Our integrations lets you load, approve, pay and reconcile your bills straight out of Xero.


No more jumping in and out of platforms and less errors.  

Helping Australia's business community

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Just BPAY? Just EFT? Or both?  We can pay whichever you like.

It's easy to automate your bill payments

Pay bills from Xero

Update your contacts in Xero

Keep vendor's contact details up to date in Xero and your bills are ready for payment. 

For EFT (bank accounts), 5 fields are required.

(Contact, Primary Person, Email, Tax (ABN) & Financial Details field)

For BPAY, only 3 fields are required

(Contact, Tax (ABN) & BPAY details in Financial Details field) 


Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.33.15 am.png

Tell us when you want the bills paid

Load the bills as you would normally in Xero (via dext, hubdoc, etc) and we use the due date or planned date you set in Xero and schedule it for payment that day. 

Pay bills from Xero
Pay bills from Xero
Pay bills from Xero
Pay bills from Xero

You approve the bill

We will never schedule or pay a bill unless it has been approved in Xero. 

You can use any data capture apps to import your bills and compliment it with approval options such as Xero's in-built approval button, Xero's Planned date option, Parakeet's in built portal approval and/or apps like Approval Max.

Planned date_edited_edited.jpg
Planned date 2.png

One Click Payment comes to Xero

Use Planned Date to make payments

Instead of using the due date to schedule bill payments, you can use the "Planned date" feature in Xero. 

Set the "planned date" to tell us when bills should be paid and use the "due date" to record your vendor's due date.  

This is a simple and powerful way to add an additional approval step in Xero (with audit tracking) for second approvers.


And if your bills are locked for month-end or year-end, it means you don't need to unlock a 'locked' bill to schedule payments.

Approval step.png

Optional payment approval step