We pay & reconcile your bills, directly from Xero. 

It means you don't have to double handle or manually pay your bills anymore.  


Our software handles all your bill payments (EFT, BPAY, Cards)  directly out of Xero. 


This means your Xero bills comes straight to Parakeet without additional data-entry required. 

After you load & approve the bills in Xero, we automatically pay the bills using the accounts you loaded in your digital wallet and if optionally selected,  generate the BPAY batch suitable for your internet banking.

Our software then updates Xero with payment, reconciliation details and notify the vendors that they have been paid. 


All this only takes us seconds so you now have the option to stop wasting time on bills.   


Don't have time?  Our Concierge Service can take care of all the set-up & maintenance for you. 

Watch the demo video below to see how easy it is.

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Just BPAY? Just EFT? Or both BPAY & EFT? - We can do whatever you like

It's really easy to automate your bills

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 10.19.30 pm.png


Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 10.16.38 pm.png

Update your contacts in Xero

Keep you vendor's contact details up to date in Xero and you are guaranteed to never have to worry about paying another bill. 

For EFT (bank accounts), 5 fields are required.

(Contact, Primary Person, Email, Tax (ABN) & Batch Payment field)

For BPAY, only 3 fields are required

(Contact, Tax (ABN) & BPAY details in Batch Payment field)


Too many to update or too hard?  Don't worry.

We will send you step by step videos and instructions to follow. 


Alternatively, use our Concierge on-boarding service where we take care of the setup for you. 

Tell us when you want the bill paid

Load the bill as you would normally in Xero and we automatically take the due date or planned date you set in Xero and schedule it. 

We can even customise it so we pay xx days before the due date so you are never late.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.50.29 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 10.00.24 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.38.40 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.39.27 pm.png

Your approve the bill

We will never pay a bill unless you have approved it in Xero. 


We accept all approval tools such as Xero's in-built approval button or another app like Approval Max.  

Once you approve it from Xero, we automate the scheduling, payment and reconciliation of your bills. 


You can also add an extra layer of control by enabling Parakeet's in-build approval tool. 

Customise how you want to pay

Load the bank accounts and/or cards you like to use. 

Drag & Drop to prioritise them in the order you like and we will match your preferred payment method with your vendor's. 

After that, it is fully automated. 

What to use it as a budget tool? 


Set a limit and 'reset' date and we will make sure you stay within your monthly budget. 

Wallet GIF.gif
Paid Gif.gif

All invoices paid at the right time

We will automatically pay your bills for you so you don't need to worry about paying another bill or missing out on early payment discounts.   



Your finance, accounts and bookkeeping team will appreciate this... see below for full breakdown.


"Fantastic software! ...this software is a one of it’s kind and saving my time and money!."

Timberly Williams

We help create your chart of accounts in Xero and...

Sort out the book keeping entries too


Every bill paid is individually marked as paid in Xero and closed out correctly to save you time and effort.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 4.49.21 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 4.59.29 pm.png

For discounts, we automatically create a 'Receive money' in Xero and record it against an interim clearing account (we establish for you) and book it under your new Discounts revenue account. 


Similarly for any surcharges on card payments, we create a 'spend money' in Xero and record it against the interim clearing account and book it under your new surcharge expense account.   


You can of course, customise where you like to book these entries.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 5.05.01 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 2.28.44 pm.png

Finally, we 'net' the amount you paid into a 'Final Clearing' account (we establish for you)  so when you download and reconcile your bank statement, you will see the net amount, ready for you to 'match' off. 


In this example,  you paid 8 bills totalling $6,670.00 and you received $472.50 discount for paying early and paid $10.00 in surcharges. This means the net payment was $6,187.50. 

Now instead of your allocating the $6,187.50 entry to the 8 bills and accounting for the surcharge & discount manually, you simply have to do a "1 - click transfer" to your 'Parakeet AP Clearing (Final)' account.   

Reconciliation done.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 2.52.51 pm.png

See it in Action

See how we pay & reconcile your bills from Xero


What users think of our features

10 invoices in 1 minute

"Thanks to Parakeet, I scheduled 10 invoices in a min.  Life saver!"

Two sets of features makes us unique

1. We bring your banking, payments and accounting together so you are not held back by processes.

  • All bills automated - BPAY Billers, Vendor Payments via Bank or Cards.
    Save yourself the process of 'doing the banking', making manual BPAY payments or batching vendor payments. 

  • BPAY Batching or BPAY payment automation -  Already managing your EFT payments? No problems.  We can take care of BPAY payments for you.  Whether you prefer the BPAY to be batched or for us to pay it, the choice is yours. Read more here.

  • Manage part payments & vendors with multiple bank accounts. 

  • Make payments the way you want.
    Put an end to the game of 'matching' vendor to payment methods.  You can drag and drop to prioritise your preferred payment methods and Parakeet will auto match your preferred payment method with your vendor's compatible payment methods.

  • Reconcile bills, discounts and surcharges in seconds with "1 click-n-transfer".
    Parakeet automates the reconciliation of your bills, from applying payment to adjusting for early payment discounts (existing or new arrangements) and surcharges.  So your only task is to reconcile your bank statement to a Clearing account.  It's literally 1 click-n-transfer.  

2. We are the only software that can help you save money and earn reward points, straight out of Xero

  • ​Earn Reward Points on card payments (available for BPAY billers)

Fly through

How to configure Parakeet to pay bills
(scroll to 1:35 min)


Don't have time or the resources to set it up?

Our Concierge Service can take care of everything.

Don't have time or help to set it up? No problems.

We can set it up and keep it running smoothly.


Concierge Service
One-time setup fee to get you started


One-time setup fee for up to 100 bills/invoices with bonus concierge support for first 60 days.

(Set up fee is pro-rated for the 101st bill onwards) 

Best suited for those who has
PDF/copies of bills in Xero awaiting payment or in draft

What we need from you
Access to your Xero account.
PDF copies of your bills in Xero. 

Ready to approve bills/invoices.
Responsive to our queries.

What you get from us
Everything to get your first 100 bills/invoices ready for payment. 

We make sure your Xero contacts, Chart of accounts, Parakeet configurations & Xero integration are all updated & taken care of. 

Monthly Concierge
Optional subscription to keep your bills in order

$30 per month
For Casual, Growth & Scale-Up plans

$50 per month
For Established Plan

$80 per month
For Large Plan

What we need from you
You will continue to load & approve the bill or invoice in Xero (because you know your bills & invoices best).

What you get from us

We will handle errors that comes through after you load & approve your bills or invoices in Xero. 

Instead of you dealing with it, we'll take care of it so everything is kept up to date.



Great for users with good Xero knowledge or Businesses with teams to support configuration.


On-boarding Videos:

Xero configurations:
Chart of Accounts checks
Customer contacts update
Vendor contacts update
Invoice email templates

Parakeet configurations:
Xero connection
Bills payment settings
Merchant ID settings
Invoice payment settings
Discount settings

Video & Phone Support
Up to 3 x 30 minute 

Error & configuration rectification
Support via email, rectification by user

What to expect in your first 60 days with our Concierge Service

Day 1 - 7 (On-Board)

Expect to get an email from us so we can get started immediately.

We will then prepare and automate your first 100 bills or invoices for payment, usually within 5-7 business days.

Day 31 - 60 (Support)

Service now transitions to "Monthly Concierge" service at no charge. 

This means you get free on-going support to make sure new vendors or customers are configured accurately.


Day 7 - 30 (Embed)

By now, we expect a number of bills/invoices would have been paid and reconciled. 

We continue to prepare and automate new bills/invoices that you have loaded & approved.

Day 61+ (Maintain)

Automatically roll into "Monthly Concierge" service based on your membership plan (cancel anytime). 

You'll continue to approve the bills and we'll take care of any errors that may arise as new bills / invoices arrive. 

Pick Your Plan

Don't WaIt Anymore.

The Easy Win For Your Business
30 days free trial on all plans
(30 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable)

Monthly Memberships Plans

Growth Plan 
$34.90 per month
30 bills per month
$1.30 per bill thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$59.90 per month
60 bills per month
$1.10 per bill thereafter

Established Plan

$134.90 per month
150 bills per month
$1.00 per bill thereafter

Large Plan

$239.90 per month
300 bills per month
$0.90 per bill thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application

>300 bills per month



(Includes 4 transactions every month)

4 bills per month

After 4th Bill 
$1.80 per bill 

Membership Fee 

$0.00 / per month

4 free transactions starts at the beginning of each calendar month


All membership packages include:  


Bills module:

(Watch the bills module demo here)

Optional extras (for all memberships)

BPAY requiring OCR:

Price on Application

Returns (discounts) brokered via Parakeet:

20% of the return/discount

Card related charges (for all memberships)

Using Credit Cards to pay BPAY bills: 


Pay non-BPAY bills via Credit Card:

0.25% per bill processed via Cards

(this is in addition to any surcharges passed on by vendors) 


As passed on by vendor.

Other charges (for all memberships)

Direct Debit dishonours & Payment Returns:

$15 per transaction

All fees quotes excludes GST. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Does you app make BPAY & vendor payments and can you provide BPAY batch exports out of Xero?

Yes.    Parakeet can automate both BPAY & non-BPAY vendor payments.  

We can also provide BPAY batches out of Xero too.    Read more about BPAY batching here.  

2. Can we use any approval app or digital capture tool for our bill review and approval process?

Yes.  As Parakeet is pre-integrated with Xero, it works with any approval apps (e.g. Approval max) or data capture tools from the Xero App community (e.g. Hubdoc).  

So if you have a complex workflow, you can use any of the apps to reach the 'approved for payment' stage.  Once it reaches this stage, Parakeet takes over. 

3. Can I use any Bank Accounts or Credit Cards to pay my bills?

Yes, as long as your bank account or card is held / issued bay an Australian Bank.   

Once you load and prioritise your bank accounts and cards into the Parakeet wallet, we will auto match your preferred payment method with your vendor's compatible payment acceptance method. 

4. What's the optional discounting service you offer on top of the bills automation?

We help you ask / request early payment discounts from your vendors. 


If they accept the discount,  you will save money and the vendors benefit from getting paid early without the need to borrow. 


This is great for everyone involved and involvement is voluntary.  Read more about it here

5. Can you configure and set it up for me?

Yes we can.

If you don't have the time and rather we do it, you can use our concierge service where we take care of everything to get you up & going.