Grow your AP & AR business with Parakeet

Use Parakeet to add AP & AR-as-a-service to simplify business processes for your customers and free up your time to focus on new clients. 

For bills, use Parakeet to auto-pay your customer's EFT bill payments  and BPAY bills via batching or BPAY Auto-Pay.

For Receivables,  help your clients take online & recurring payments using BYO online payments,  convert sales into cash quickly with real-time early payment discounts and save time & reconciliation by introducing BPAY  to Xero invoices. 


Help make business easier for you & your clients.


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We automate the grunt work so you have more time for new business

How to help your clients with AP


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Update contacts in Xero

You help set & keep your client's vendor details up to date in Xero.

For EFT (bank accounts), 5 fields are required.

(Contact, Primary Person, Email, Tax (ABN) & Batch Payment field)

For BPAY, 3 fields are required

(Contact, Tax (ABN) & BPAY details in Batch Payment field)


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Tell us how to pay

Load the bank accounts and/or cards your clients like to use.  

Drag & Drop to prioritise them in the order you like us to pay with. 

After that, it is fully automated.   


You can also help your clients set a limit to make sure they stay within their monthly budget. 

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Approve the bills in Xero

We will never pay a bill unless it has been approved in Xero by you or your clients. 


We accept all approval tools such as Xero's in-built approval button or another app like Approval Max.  


You can also add an extra layer of control by enabling Parakeet's in-build approval tool. 

Once it's approved, we schedule, pay and reconcile the bills. 

That's it. We pay the bills on the due date

We will automatically pay BPAY and EFT bills for your clients when they are due. 


For BPAY batches, we email the batch to you or your clients for action.



We also automate the book-keeping entries so you can spend more time on growing your business and less time reconciling bill entries. 

You can see the reconciliation entries here.

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"Straight up one of my fav appsAbsolute time-save with BPAY batch payments and automating payments"

Help solve your client's AR problems and reduce your workload

How to help your clients with AR

Update Xero contacts

Keep the customer's contact details (Contact Name Primary Person, Email &Tax (ABN)) up to date in Xero and all your client's invoices will be ready for on-line payments.


This also gives your client the option to get paid even earlier by adding early payment discounts to their Xero invoices. 

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Set up how to get paid in Parakeet

Whether your clients receive payment via EFT and / or via Cards, Parakeet supports Bring-Your-Own (BYO) banking. 

Customers receives the 'Pay now' email

The 'Pay Now' link in Xero invoices are now activated.

(💡 Do customers always 'forget' to pay invoices?  Try adding early payment discounts into the invoice and see if they pay right away!)

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Customers can now pay straight from the invoice! (or using the Parakeet Portal if they are registered)

Customers are presented with an option to pay via bank account or if configured, Cards too. 

Customers do not need to be Parakeet users to take advantage of this.  


We take care of all the entries for discounts, surcharges recovered and close out your invoices automatically, so all you need to do is "1-click" bank rec.   See here to learn more about reconciliation.

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How to get involved

1. Book a demo and call with us

2. Get Parakeet free for your practice

3. Configure & on-board your clients

Register here and we will be in touch for a 30 min demo. 

In this call, we can discuss and answer any questions you have.

You can also watch the demo below.

Get Parakeet for free to use for your practice (optional).

The best way to understand and stay current with Parakeet is to use it yourself.

Help configure your client's Xero & Parakeet account.

Provide your customer's information here and we will create their account. 

Help your clients on-board quickly by configuring their Xero & Parakeet accounts.  

See how easy it is to configure Parakeet here.


See it in Action

See how we pay & reconcile your client's bills

Become a partner

Ready to grow your AP and AR service?

There is no additional cost to your clients to use Parakeet via you. 

What you get:

20% of the monthly membership fee paid by your clients for as long as they remain with Parakeet

To qualify:

Be a certified Xero partner (partner, bronze, silver, gold or platinum)