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Manually paying bills for your clients?

Make your job easier with automation.

Parakeet automatically pay large volume of EFT and BPAY bills after it is approved.  

We do not require any confidential access to your client's banking platform or bank balance. 

We take care of the complete payment process - from creating pending bill payment reports,  automating bill payments & reconciliation, to sending bulk remittance details with extra data resulting in less payment queries.


For a flat monthly fee,  you can stop creating reports,  emailing batches, skip signing in to multiple banking platforms, create vendor remittance notice or risk your PI insurance coverage.  

Free up time, improve your client experience and let automation take care of the grunt work. 

Get set up in 30 minutes. 


Less work. Less Risk. Take on more clients.

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Turn mundane, costly processes into profit

Turn existing hours of work into minutes by automating the mundane tasks of paying, reconciling and advising vendors.  

Whether it's EFT/BPAY,  2,000 or 20,000 bills a month, you can now get this done in minutes with no effort. 


Make bill payments a main offering

Turn bill payments from a niche service into a scalable offering that is accurate and fully managed by automation.  

No extra headcount or time required.  Save time and expand your service offering.   

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Affordable flat fee structure

Learn more about the  concessional (> 50% off our retail) flat fee structure, making it easy for you to price profitably and cross-sell to existing clients.


No more platform switching to pay bills

Our integrations lets you load, approve, pay and reconcile the bills straight out of Xero.

No more jumping in and out of multiple client's banking platforms or juggling with security tokens to pay bills.

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Don't risk your PI insurance

We don't need any bank login, access or details of bank balance to pay bills for your clients, which means you don't either.  Better privacy and one less business risk to worry about.

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Easy implementation

Get going in 30 minutes.  No lengthy setup or configurations required.

Supporting your peers

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We automate the grunt work so you have more time for new business

How to automate bills in 3 steps


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1. Update contacts in Xero

You help set & keep your client's vendor details up to date in Xero.

For EFT (bank accounts), 5 fields are required.

(Contact, Primary Person, Email, Tax (ABN) & Batch Payment field)

For BPAY, 3 fields are required

(Contact, Tax (ABN) & BPAY details in Batch Payment field)


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2. Load your clients bank/card account

Load the bank accounts and/or cards your clients like to use.  

Drag & Drop to prioritise them in the order you like us to pay with. 

After that, it is fully automated. No internet banking or credentials required.  


You can also help your clients set a limit to make sure they stay within their monthly budget. 

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3. Approve the bills in Xero

We will never schedule or pay a bill unless it has been approved in Xero by you or your clients. 


We accept all approval tools such as Xero's in-built approval button or another app like Approval Max. 

Pending Payments.png

Optional pending payment report

AP report for client approval

You don't need to manually create AP report from Xero anymore.

We automatically create a pending payment report xx days (configurable) before the bills are due.   


This report is emailed to you and/or your clients for review.  

Approval step.png

Optional payment approval step

Approve the bill payment in Parakeet

Enable payments approval in Parakeet for extra control.

You can set up the bills in Xero and either you or your client can approve the payment in Parakeet.

Once it is approved in Parakeet,  we schedule, pay and reconcile the bills without needing internet login details, security tokens or EFT and BPAY batches. 

Configurable per client

Pay on due date or approval date 

We can configure the BPAY and EFT bills to either pay on the due date you set in Xero or on the approval date. 

Pay on approval is great for clients who prefer to manage their cashflow tightly.



We also automate the book-keeping entries. 

You can see the reconciliation entries here.

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Remittance notices, bank description and useful data for vendors

Remittance notices are automatically emailed to the vendors with enriched data for easy vendor referencing and reconciliation.

Each remittance notice includes a CSV attachment detailing the invoice references, your client's name, amount and payment date that makes up the remittance.

In addition, your client's name is shown on the vendor's bank statement, providing certainty for everyone.   

This means you can stop emailing remittance notices and reduce payment queries. 

Remittance details (1).png

Remittance and batch history updated in Xero

Finally, you will see the details of the batch remittance payment in Xero too, making it easier to identify the underlying Invoice Number & vendor that the batch payment relates to.   


Do more with less

You can stop manually doing payment runs and scale your bill payments offering. 


Our automation takes care of the complete payment process so you can take on more clients,  cross sell to existing clients,  reduce your risk/exposure to handling payments and work with certainty that a payment run will never be missed. 

What other bookkeepers and accountants are saying


Straight up one of my fav apps!

" Absolute time-saver with BPAY batch payments and automating payments - support team are very responsive which made the transition even easier!"

Automation that makes financial sense

Pricing overview

Flat Fee structure

Choose between a Referral model to get started (we bill your clients) or Partner pricing and receive concessional fees for your practice (we bill your practice).

Umbrella volume pricing  

Benefit from umbrella volume pricing across all your clients, giving you flexibility to better price your service or pass on the cost savings.

The higher the volume, the greater the savings.

Download pricing
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Quick implementation

There is no lengthly implementation process. You can start automating bill payments in 30 minutes. 

Make your job easier

You handle the client relationships.  We automate the grunt work of paying bills.

Simpler client approvals

Automatically receive auto pre-payment reports that you can send to your client for payment approvals. 

Tailored pricing or scenario

Like to discuss tailored pricing or incorporate automation as part of your outsourcing business? We can help. 

Please fill in the contact form above.  


How to get started

Download pricing

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In this demo / call, we can discuss and answer questions you have.

Trial it

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