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Paying BPAY Bills for Xero users

Use BPAY batching or BPAY auto-pay and say bye to manually paying and reconciling BPAY bills in Xero. 

BPAY for Xero
Parakeet Xero

If you are still manually paying BPAY bills and like to reduce your BPAY workload,  you can now choose between BPAY batching or full BPAY automation (auto-pay) to simplify your BPAY.

With our Xero integration and automated workflows, you can pay multiple bills using a BPAY batch file, or we can pay it for you under the auto-pay option.

Parakeet works beautifully with other data capture, approvals and accounts payable apps, helping you create the perfect bill payments solution for your business. 


Start your no-risk 14 days free trial now.  

Read the BPAY press release here

Parakeet and BPAY partnership


Which option suits your business best?

Choose between BPAY Batching or Auto-Pay

If you choose BPAY Batching

BPAY Batch arrives in your inbox

When you register, you will tell us which bank to create the BPAY batch for. 

BPAY batch is supported by CBA, WBC, NAB, Macquarie & Bankwest.

The BPAY batch will be emailed to you or your designated team either on the due date or xx days (customisable) before it's due, ready for upload to your banking platform. 

BPAY Batching for Xero
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 2.35.40 pm.png
macquarie logo-vertical-inverse.png

If you choose BPAY Auto-Pay

We schedule & pay the BPAY bill for you

Schedule your BPAY bills and we will pay it for you on the planned date or due date.  

No BPAY file uploading required. 

BPAY bills for Xero
BPAY bills for Xero

Under both Options

BPAY bills are marked as paid in Xero

Under BPAY Batch - once the batch is emailed to you, we mark each individual BPAY bill forming the batch as 'Paid' in Xero.

Under BPAY Auto-Pay - once the BPAY bills are paid on your behalf, we mark the BPAY bills as 'Paid' in Xero.

This is done automatically for 10 or 100 or 1000 BPAY bills, saving you time and effort.



Your finance, accounts and bookkeeping team will appreciate this... see below for full breakdown.

BPAY Batching or Auto-Pay?

Not sure which BPAY option suits your business?

Download your free guide below.

BPAY Options for Xero
BPAY options

Pay tens or hundreds of BPAY bills, straight out of Xero

How it works

BPAY detils

For static CRN

1A. Update Xero with BPAY details

For Billers that always have the same CRN


Update the biller's details in Xero with their Contact Name, Tax (ABN) and BPAY details (screen shot) and you are set.

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at 11.33.15 am.png

Advance Feature - Variable CRN

1B. Multi-CRN Support

For Billers that always have a different CRN

Update the biller's details in Xero with the word 'Multi'.

Add the 'CRN' into the history notes section of the bill. 

After the bills are approved, Parakeet automatically reads the CRN from Xero.


Customisation fee & additional ongoing fees apply

BPAY Multi.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.50.29 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 10.00.24 pm.png

2. Tell us when you want the bills paid

Use any data capture apps to load the bills and we automatically schedule it for batching (or payment) based on the due date you set. 

We can even customise it so we batch (or pay) xx days before the due date so you are never late.

3. Approve the bills

We will never pay your bills unless you have approved it in Xero. 


We accept all approval tools such as Xero's in-built approval button or another app like Approval Max.  

Once you approve it in Xero, we automate the scheduling, batching (or payment) and reconciliation of your BPAY bills. 


You can also add an extra layer of control by using Xero's Planned date option and / or enabling Parakeet's in-build approval step. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.38.40 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 9.39.27 pm.png
Planned date_edited_edited.jpg
Planned date 2.png

One Click Payment comes to Xero

Use Planned Date to set payment dates

Instead of using the due date to schedule BPAY payments, you can use the "Planned date" feature in Xero. 

Set the "planned date" to tell us when bills should be paid and use the "due date" to record your vendor's due date.  

This is a simple and powerful way to add an additional approval step in Xero (with audit tracking) for second approvers.


And if your BPAY bills are locked for month-end or year end, it means you don't need to unlock a 'locked' bill to schedule payments.

Approval step.png

Optional payment approval step

Approve the BPAY bill in Parakeet

Enable approvals in Parakeet for extra control.

You can set up the BPAY bills in Xero and either you or another approver can approve the bills in Parakeet.

For BPAY autopay, after approval,  we schedule & pay the bill on the due date. 

For BPAY batching, after approval, the BPAY batch is generated on the day it is approved. 

Reduce risk of incorrect payments (standard)

T + 3 Business day clearance

Time for you to schedule, transfer or rectify errors with your BPAY bill payments.

Incorrect payments can be 'pulled' back, helping you reduce risk and bill administration errors.

Faster BPAY payments

T + 1 Business day clearance

Next business day BPAY bill payment clearance to your suppliers/vendors. 

Contact us to discuss qualification.


"Straight up one of my fav apps!
Absolute time-save with BPAY batch payments and automating payments"

Create your perfect Accounts Payable (AP) solution

Complement Parakeet with apps to create your perfect AP solution^

Apps our clients have successfully paired with Parakeet.

Use apps to capture, code, implement approval controls and Parakeet to make payments.

No integration required.  Works straight out of Xero.



Onboard Suppliers and verify their payment details with the Xero and Eftsure integration



Hubdoc reduces data entry by accurately capturing information from bills and receipts and publishing it to Xero;



ProSpend will export your approved expense claims and supplier invoices directly into Xero Bills, where they can be reviewed and processed by your AP team.

Auto Entry..png


AutoEntry automates data entry, analysis and document storage of all of your bills, receipts, sales invoices, bank and card statements



Bluesheets sits on top of your existing business tools and extracts all bookkeeping related data automatically, without the need for costly integrations.



Dext Prepare simplifies the process by handling the heavy lifting, consolidating all your data onto a single platform. 

Approval Max.png


ApprovalMax makes it easy for Xero users to build robust financial controls across accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR).



Easily export your accounts payable data to Xero, including supplier cards, categories, tax codes, and GL's. Once your data is in Xero, you can efficiently pay your approved bills.



Datamolino automates the processing of data from your financial documents, including Bills, Receipts and Bank Statements. 



EzzyBills create a bookkeeping solution that is 100% automatic. EzzyBills exports invoice data into Xero as draft Bills or Sales, or Spent Money transactions.

^All trademarks used are the property of their respective owners, and their use here does not imply affiliation or endorsement by these companies or by Parakeet. These brand owners are not affiliated with Parakeet our products, or our websites. Parakeet has no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with any registered trademarks. 

Helping Australia's business community

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OCR new.png

Reconciliation - We create the chart of accounts in Xero for you and...

Sort out the book keeping entries too


Every BPAY bill paid (or batched) is individually marked as paid in Xero and closed out correctly to save you time and effort.

Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.24.42 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-06 at 4.24.14 pm.png

For any BPAY bills you paid via Card, we create a 'spend money' in Xero and record it against the interim clearing account and book it under your new surcharge expense account.   


You can of course, customise where you like to book these entries.


Finally, we 'net' the amount you paid into a 'Final Clearing' account (we establish for you)  so when you download and reconcile your bank statement, you will see the net amount, ready for you to 'match' off. 


In this example,  we paid 30 BPAY bills totalling $6,187.50. 

Now instead of your allocating the $6,187.50 entry to the 30 BPAY bills, you simply have to do a "1 - click transfer" to your 'Parakeet AP Clearing (Final)' account.   

Reconciliation done.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 2.52.51 pm.png

What users think of our Xero BPAY integration

SME Solution for Bpay Batch Pays

"If you are a small business looking for an affordable alternative to having to process all of your Bpays individually, look no further. The team at Parakeet provide a user friendly experience that saves significant time for key individuals in the payment cycle of your organisation."

Do you handle more complex BPAY scenarios?  No problems.

We work with finance and accounts team to simplify complex BPAY scenarios. 

  • We handle high volumes of BPAY payments on behalf of your customers.  e.g. health care providers, NDIS providers, property managers, lease agents and franchises.

  • Create custom workflows to cater for different Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) each time. 

  • Bulk update of BPAY biller codes & CRN into Xero

  • These capabilities work with both BPAY batching and Auto-pay options. 

Parakeet BPAY Xero

Frequently asked questions


1. What options do I have with managing BPAY out of Xero?

You have 2 options. 

You can choose between our fully automated BPAY bill payment solution OR start with Parakeet emailing you BPAY batches for you to upload before or on the due date. 


In both options, Parakeet still automates the process of applying payment and reconciliation entries for these bills. The only difference is whether we make the payment for you, or you choose to receive a BPAY batch to upload into your banking platform.  Download our free guide here.

You can select which option you like to start with when you sign up here

2. Can I just use Parakeet for BPAY and not EFT?

Yes.   We can either automate the payment of all your BPAY bills or just provide you with the BPAY batch.

We can exclude normal non-BPAY / EFT vendor payments. 

You will tell us when you sign up, which option you like to select.

3. For BPAY batches, which bank formats do you support?

Our BPAY batch formats supports National Australia Bank, Westpac, CBA (Commbiz), Bankwest, Macquarie Bank. 


If your bank is not listed, it means they are not compatible for BPAY batch. In this case, you can choose the Auto-Pay option which automates your complete BPAY payment with us.

4. Can you pay the same BPAY biller BUT with different reference numbers each time?  Can you automate this?

Yes we can. Refer here to find out more.

5. How about reconciliation? Do you apply the payment to the bill?

Yes we do. 

Every bill that we manage, whether via our full automation option or BPAY batch file email option, we  automatically apply that payment to the bill. 

When it comes to do your bank reconciliation, you simply use our '1-click-n transfer' to the Clearing Account we established for you. 

6. How does it work?

In 3 steps.

1) Update  BPAY biller details into Xero Contacts

2) Configure your Parakeet account & Connect to Xero

3) Approve your bills in Xero (either using Xero's approval or other approval apps such as Approval Max, etc)

7. Where do I provide the BPAY details?

You input the BPAY and customer reference number (CRN)  into the 'batch payments' section of your Xero contacts. 

Refer to here.

8. What do I need to prepare?

As long as your Xero contacts are populated with the correct information & bills are in the awaiting payments queue in Xero,  then that is all you need to do.  

9. What about EFT suppliers/vendors?

Yes, we manage those too in exactly the same way.  


The only change is the different information we need in your Xero contacts.

10. When do you pay my BPAY billers?

Using BPAY batching option:

We generate the BPAY batch file and email it to you either 1 day (customiseable) before the 'Due Date' you set in Xero or on the due date itself. 


Using Full automated solution:


We use the 'Due Date' you set in Xero. We do recommend you take into account the Clearing time (next question) required based on different payment methods.

11. How long does it take for the funds to reach the billers?

Using BPAY batching option:

Usually the next business day. 

Using Full automated solution:

If you are paying via Bank Accounts, it is between +1 to  +3 business days for Clearing by the Banks depending on which clearing time option you select.  Otherwise if you are paying via Credit Cards, it is +1 Business days for Clearing by the Card network. 

12. What volumes can you handle?

Any. Whether you are doing 5 or 1000 bills per week, our platform and processes will scale with you.  

13. If I try it and don't like it, can I switch it off?

Yes, you can.  It's a simple toggle to switch it off.


Let's make BPAY easier now.

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