Paying BPAY Bills for Xero users

Use BPAY batching or full BPAY automation so you can finally say bye to individually paying and reconciling BPAY bills in Xero. 


If you are still individually paying BPAY bills and are now ready to reduce your BPAY workload,  you can now choose between BPAY batching or our full BPAY automation option to simplify your BPAY.

With our Xero integration, you can now use 1 BPAY file to pay 10s or 100s of BPAY bills all at once, or let us handle it all for you.  

Continue to load & approve your BPAY bills in Xero whilst we schedule and pay or email your bank compatible BPAY batch formats for action as they fall due.  

With casual (free) and membership plans starting from just $1.16 a day and backed by our 100% money back guarantee, it's your no-risk way to start.

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Pay tens or hundreds of BPAY billers out of Xero in 2 steps

BPAY Batches straight to your inbox. 

Step 1.
Update Contacts & Approve your BPAY bills 

Step 2.
BPAY batch file lands in your email inbox

That's it.
BPAY bills marked as paid & reconciled

  • Update the BPAY biller in Xero contacts with name & ABN. 

  • Then load the BPAY billers payment details into your Xero contacts into Batch Payments fields (see below or watch the video here).

  • Load & Approve your BPAY bills in Xero.

  • During sign up, you will tell us

    • The bank you are using (e.g. CBA, NAB, WBC,  Bankwest or Macqaurie)

    • Who you want to receive the BPAY batch

    • If you like to receive the BPAY batch file 1 day before it's due, or on the due date.

  • We 'push' the BPAY batches to you as they fall due, so you never have to manually check, generate or schedule these again. 

  • Once we email the BPAY batch to you, we automatically mark it as 'Paid' and reconcile in Xero.

  • We use a series of clearing accounts, so when it comes to do your bank reconciliation, it is literally a 1 click-n-transfer process to a clearing account. 

  • See it in action here

Only 1 change is required - Load BPAY details in batch payments field

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 2.30_edited.jpg

Or choose to automate your BPAY payments

Save yourself the hassle of logging into your banking platform.

Step 1.
Approve your BPAY bills in Xero

That's it.
We make the BPAY payment for you

And finally the BPAY bills are marked as paid & reconciled

  • Load the BPAY billers details into your Xero contacts (see how here)

    Load your BPAY bills in Xero

  • Approve your BPAY bills in Xero

  • We use the bank accounts and/or credit cards you loaded in your Parakeet wallet to make the payment for you.

  • Just prioritise the payment methods you prefer and we will make sure it is paid in your preferred order, taking into account the limits you have set. 

  • Once we pay the BPAY bill for you, we automatically mark it as 'Paid' and reconcile in Xero.

  • We use a series of clearing accounts, so when it comes to do your bank reconciliation, it is literally a 1 click-n-transfer process to a clearing account. 

  • See it in action here

What users think of our Xero BPAY integration

BPAY Batching, finally!

"Been waiting for this for so long!    Finally, I can now upload the one BPAY batch into my internet banking and bang, it's done. I don't even need to login to Xero anymore after I load up the bill! Highly recommended"

Do you handle more complex BPAY scenarios?  No problems.

We work with finance and accounts team to simplify even the most complex BPAY scenarios. 

  • Do you make high volume of BPAY payments on behalf of your customers?  e.g. health care providers, NDIS providers, property managers, agents and franchises.

  • Do you have to manually deal with different BPAY Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) each time? 

  • Is manually inputting BPAY biller codes & CRN into Xero just not feasible or time consuming?

  • Whatever the scenarios are, pleased contact us to discuss. 

  • In many instances, our OCR (optical character recognition) capability can be applied to completely streamline the process for you.  

  • You can pair this capability with our BPAY batching or full bill payment capability 

Don't wait anymore.
Let's make BPAY (& your life) easier now.
Start your 30 days free trial now. 

Get started in 3 steps

BPAY payments for Xero


Sign up to Parakeet and select how you want to manage your BPAY payments. 

Choose between BPAY batch option or our full automation options (read more here).  


We will email you the pre-onboarding and Parakeet configuration videos,  showing the simple steps you need to do in Xero to prepare for your BPAY integration with Parakeet.   

If you want to sign up or were referred by your Accountant / bookkeeper, tell us their details when you sign up and we can streamline the sign up process with them.


Once you have updated your Xero contacts with BPAY details, just load and approve your bills in Xero. 


If you chose our BPAY batching option, we will email you the BPAY batch for upload into your internet banking for payment.  Once we email the BPAY batch, we automatically mark the BPAY bill as 'Paid' and reconcile the bill back in Xero.  

If you chose our full automation option, we will pay and reconcile the BPAY bill for you.


Frequently asked questions


1. So what options do I have with managing BPAY out of Xero?

You have 2 options. 

You can choose between our fully automated BPAY bill payment solution OR start with Parakeet emailing you BPAY batches for you to upload before or on the due date. 


In both options, Parakeet still automates the process of applying payment and reconciliation entries for these bills. The only difference is you whether we make the payment for you, or you choose to receive a BPAY batch to upload into your banking platform. 

You can select which option you like to start with when you sign up here

2. Can I only use Parakeet for BPAY?

Yes.   We can either automate the payment of all your BPAY bills or just provide you with the BPAY batch.

We can exclude normal non-BPAY vendor payments. 

You will tell us when you sign up, which option you like to select.

3. For BPAY batches, which bank formats do you support?

Our BPAY batch formats supports National Australia Bank, Westpac, CBA, Bankwest, Macquarie Bank. 


If your bank is not listed, it means they are not compatible for BPAY batch. In this case, you can choose to automate your complete BPAY payment with us instead.

4. Can you pay the same BPAY biller BUT with different reference numbers each time?  Can you automate this?

Yes we can. 

We use our inbuilt OCR (optical character recognition) that will take the reference number off the bill and apply it to that payment. 

This relies on a clear PDF being attached to the bill in Xero and some upfront configuration (which we will manage for you as an added service). 

5. How about reconciliation? Do you apply the payment to the bill?

Yes we do. 

Every bill that we manage, whether via our full automation option or BPAY batch file email option, we  automatically apply that payment to the bill. 

When it comes to do your bank reconciliation, you simply use our '1-click-n transfer' to the Clearing Account we established for you. 

6. How does it work?

In 3 steps.

1) Update  BPAY biller details into Xero Contacts

2) Configure your Parakeet account & Connect to Xero

3) Approve your bills in Xero (either using Xero's approval or other approval apps such as Approval Max, etc)

Refer here,

7. Where do I provide the BPAY or bank account details?

You input the BPAY and customer reference number (CRN)  into the 'batch payments' section of your Xero contacts. 

We will email you simple set-up videos to follow.  Or you can watch it here.

8. What do I need to prepare?

As long as your Chart of Accounts, Contacts (in Xero) & Awaiting payments queue (in Xero) are updated with accurate information, then that is all you need to do.  

You will receive simple video instructions to follow when you sign up.

Or you can watch the videos here

9. What about non-BPAY suppliers/vendors?

Yes, we manage those too in exactly the same way.  


The only change is the different information we need in your Xero contacts.

10. Can I pay my BPAY bills via Credit Cards and/or Bank Accounts?

Using BPAY batching option:

You will manage this when you upload the BPAY batch to your internet banking platform.   Unfortunately, we will not know if a BPAY biller accepts cards or bank accounts only.  

Using Full automated solution:

Yes, you load your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards into your Parakeet Wallet and rank your payment methods in order or preference.  We will pay your BPAY bills using your prioritised payment method.

11. When do you pay my BPAY billers?

Using BPAY batching option:

We generate the BPAY batch file and email it to you either 1 day before the 'Due Date' you set in Xero or on the due date itself (You can tell us what you prefer when you sign up). 


Using Full automated solution:


We use the 'Due Date' you set in Xero. We do recommend you take into account the Clearing time (next question) required based on different payment methods.

12. How long does it take for the funds to reach the billers?

Using BPAY batching option:

Usually the next business day. 

Using Full automated solution:

If you are paying via Bank Accounts, it is +3 business days for Clearing by the Banks.  Otherwise if you are paying via Credit Cards, it is +1 Business days for Clearing by the Card network. 

13. What volumes can you handle?

Any. Whether you are doing 5 or 1000 bills per week, our platform and processes will scale with you.  

14. If I try it and don't like it, can I switch it off?

Yes, you can.  It's a simple toggle to switch it off.

You are also backed by our 100% guarantee.  

15. How much does your service cost?

It depends on the size of your business. 


You can either join on our free casual plan which includes 10 free transactions per month or start on our monthly membership plan which it starts from $1.16 a day.   


Refer to our latest pricing here

Don't wait anymore.
Let's make BPAY (& your life) easier now.