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Partner Journeys

Helping businesses navigate digital adventures.

Key Benefits

Speed to market. Bringing concepts to life quickly.

With more than 80 years combined experience directly working with SMEs, Corporates and large Multi National companies, Spineka understands the friction and pain points organisations face when trying to bring concepts to life.



Where strategy, apps, commerce and software development comes together to bring a partner's concept to life.


Spineka helps organisations bring concepts to life. 

From start ups to iconic institutions, Spineka has helped businesses of all sizes strategically develop, maintain and evolve their digital needs. 


Engage, communicate and enjoy staying in touch with like-minded fans.

Expertise Event's deep industry connections, paired with Spineka's technology stack and Parakeet's multi-BYO merchant payment capabilities opened an otherwise closed channel so that suppliers, consumers and event organisers can build engagement in new ways.  

The collaboration fulfilled its promise to deliver an immersive experience that was quick to market.  


With thousands of subscribers, strong suppliers uptake and the expected recovery of the events industry post COVID19, fans and enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to. 

Expertise Events with 30 years history in the events industry, partnered with Spineka and Parakeet to launch community marketplaces, Comicon365 and Craft365 so the avid fans of comics and craft enthusiasts can stay connected as COVID19 took hold.   

CC365 logo final LOGO.png
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Working with Parakeet has seen Spineka's innovation levels increase with the opportunities provided by both parties. Solid partnerships within the IT world require a lot of trust, built around results and relationships, something we have with Parakeet on all levels.

Mark Robertson, Managing Director, Spineka

Apps | Commerce | Development Capabilities.


Franchise and Buying Groups software.


Full software as a service offering data warehousing, e-commerce, B2B ordering and reporting tools. 

TOPend – Merging Technology with Fashion Art.


TOPend focuses on broken stock lines and excess stock holdings and allows premium brands to move through products and sales to develop a new channel to market. 

Everyone loves a good Perk.


An immersive Employee Benefits program called, A better way to reward your employees.

Connect with Spineka & Parakeet

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