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How to set up Bpay bills in Xero

05 March 2024

How to set up Xero & automate the two BPAY bill scenarios out of Xero.

Xero does not natively support BPAY bills, but by using our approved Xero app (Parakeet), you can automate the 2 BPAY scenarios below to save you time and errors.

Scenario 1 - BPAY bills with SAME / STATIC Customer Reference number ("CRN") and/or;

Scenario 2 - BPAY bills with VARIABLE / CHANGING  CRN

This set up has already automated thousands of BPAY bill payments out of Xero and it's easy to set up.

It starts with inputting the correct BPAY information into Xero. 👇


SCENARIO 1- Same / Static CRN on each bill:

This is commonly used for utility bills where the CRN remains the same / static for each property.

In this case, the Xero set up is as simple as inputting your BPAY details into the Xero contacts. 👇

Update Financial details as per screen shot below

Once that's done, follow the normal process of allocating your bills to this Xero contact.


Easy to set up and only need to set it up once.

Easy to distinguish and allocate bills accurately to the right contact in Xero.


Depending on your volume, it may lead to many Xero contacts card.


SCENARIO 2 - Variable / Changing CRN on each bill

This is commonly used by customers who have many billing accounts for the same BPAY supplier.

For example:

  • You manage 50 properties with Origin Energy and each property has it's own CRN; or

  • You have to pay many ASIC bills for different entities - each with a unique CRN; or

  • You don't want to create too many Xero contacts card

Note - You can also use scenario 1 above and create a Xero contact card for each property / entity.

However if you prefer not to create a Xero contact for each property / entity, then you can use the MULTI-CRN set up below.

It requires a different set up in the Xero contacts (from scenario 1) and you will need to record the CRN within the "History/Notes" of the bill.

Update Financial details as per screen shot below

Finally, When you create the bill, go to "ADD NOTE" section. 👇

Then enter the CRN as per below and that's it.


Reduced number of Xero contacts required.


Additional work required to copy & paste the CRN into the history / notes section of the bill.

Extra subscription fee applies


What's next after you set it up?

If you choose to use Parakeet, your next step is to set the Planned date in Xero.

Once the planned date is reached, your BPAY bills are paid automatically. 

Xero bill payments
Pay with the Planned Date Feature

It simplifies your bills payment processes to just one click of the Planned Date button, waving you time and error.

No more logging into your banking platform to manually creating BPAY payments.

Everything is managed out of Xero.


Users feedback:

This BPAY automation has been well received by Xero businesses with 5 star reviews in the Xero app store here.

Some feedback...


Time Saving

“Great product to save time paying invoices, great solution for BPAY bills which can be hard to process in Xero without Parakeet.” - Financial Controller


Excellent Product

"Its a great product with amazing customer service. I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the product." - Accounting Manager


Does it suit you?

See how it works and discuss with us first or learn more about it here.

Arrange for a 20 min call / demo here or contact us here.


About Parakeet:

Parakeet is a certified financial services app in the Xero app store that automates bill payments (BPAY & EFT) out of Xero and removes the need for manual uploading of ABA files or BPAY batch files into internet banking.

See Parakeet's Xero App Store listing here.

Learn about Parakeet's automated BPAY Bills payment automation (AP) here


For more information, contact:


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