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Parakeet and Xero partnership

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Parakeet are excited to announce our partnership with Xero!

We are proud to be the FIRST app to automate 100% of bill payments (payables) as well as being the FIRST app to introduce real-time early payment discounting to invoices (receivables) for Xero businesses.

On the payables side, our automated bill payments capability means businesses can now pay & reconcile their bills in seconds and reduce their bills workload by up to 76.9%, giving them back time.

Our integrated real-time early payment discounting engine turns the tables on late invoice payments by giving customers real-time discounts for paying an invoice early.

This means less chasing, headaches and healthier bank balances for businesses.

With over 900,000 businesses using Xero, we are really excited by the opportunities this partnership will bring to Australian businesses and is in line with our ethos of 'helping' businesses to succeed through better relationships, starting 1 invoice at a time.

Learn more about the integration here:

Along with our partnerships with Esker and Spineka, this is another significant milestone for the Parakeet team and we can't wait to get our app into the hands of our customers.


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