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Less admin, more time.
Making business easier.

Automate your bill payments (payables) and invoice collection (receivables) straight out of Xero.

Pay and reconcile all your BPAY & Supplier bills automatically. No ABA, BPAY files or manual uploading required. 

For invoices,  for the first time, you can now add BPAY to your Xero invoices and use the new early payment discount capability combined with payment options such as direct debit and cards to get paid earlier.  

Start your 14 days trial. 

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Pay bills automatically (Accounts Payable)
We pay & reconcile your bills directly from Xero

Make your job easier.
Don't manually pay bills anymore.
Automate it.

No ABA, BPAY files or uploading needed.

Auto-pay BPAY and supplier bills.

Save time, reduce risk & remove errors.

Auto-Pay BPAY and local supplier invoices

BPAY Batching out of Xero

Automated remittance advices

Auto-reconcile back into Xero

Pay bills from Xero

Keep your banking credentials and bank balance private.

We don't need your banking credentials

No access to bank balances required

All bank and cards accepted

AFSL and PCI compliant

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1-click Auto-Pay.

Easier internal approvals.

Auto-bank account allocation.

Auto-Pay bills from different bank accounts

Optional Parakeet payment approvals 

Use Planned date for one-click Auto-Pay

Automated Pending Payment reports

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Guaranteed success. 

One-on-one onboarding service.

14 days free trial, no lock-in contract. 

Flat monthly pricing

Group savings available

Customisable set-up

30 min set up, works straight out of Xero


"Absolute time saver! Spent several weeks having to jump in and jump out of various websites just to make payments......... this just makes life EASY! Def 10 out of 10! once it's setup it's practically automatic."

Give customers a reason to pay you first (Accounts Receivable)
Add early payment discounts to Xero invoices

Pay early. Get a discount. 
arly payment discounts for Xero.
Try it.

Did you know...

"95% of customers surveyed said they would pay an invoice early if they were offered a discount?"

Add early payment discounts to Xero invoices and save time chasing.  

Integrates with your Xero invoices

A new 'Check todays price' button

Discounts only given if they pay early

Less chasing, more cashflow for you

Savings for your customers

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You decide the discounts and terms. 

One-time set up.

You decide:

Who gets a discount

What discount rate to offer

Reducing (incremental) discounts

Flat static discounts

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Reconciling short-payments is hard, so we automated it for you. 

We set up chart of accounts and automate reconciliation of the net payment amount,  adjusting for discounts & surcharge.

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Keep your current payments provider, but offer discounts with Parakeet.

You don't need to change payments provider or disrupt your AR processes.

Selectively offer discounts on some or all of your invoices.  Nothing to lose.


Reducing admin for Australia's business community

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Payment options for your customers (Accounts Receivable) 
Add BPAY, direct debit, cards to Xero invoices

Add BPAY, online bank & card payment options to your Xero invoices.

Offer direct debit.

All you need is a bank account.

Once we verify your bank account details and KYC checks, you are ready to accept online payments via direct debit. 

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Bring your 'bank' merchant facility to Xero invoices and save. 

In addition to Stripe & Braintree, you can now use your own negotiated bank sponsored online-merchant facilities (e.g Westpac, ANZ, CBA, NAB, etc) into Xero invoices.  See the list here

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Have a BPAY facility?

Add it to your Xero invoices.

Add BPAY and CRN to Xero invoices

Auto-reconcile BPAY receipts to Xero invoices. Learn more here.

Accept Xero BPAY payments
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We work alongside your existing payment providers.  No commitment.

You don't need to switch or disrupt your AR processes. Run Parakeet in parallel with your existing payment providers or selectively on certain invoices or customers.


"Thanks to Charles and Rob for providing an excellent customer service and client relations, they provide well informed training and flexible to the needs of the business."

Timberly Williams


Government Recognition

Parakeet has been recognised by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy & Resources and awarded the Accelerating Commericialisation Grant by the Entrepreneur's Programme.

AFSL Holder

Australian Financial Services License holder number 513209.


Accredited BPAY Partner


Read press release here.


Certified Xero partner?
Learn more here.

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Ready to get started?

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