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How to create the perfect AP solution with Xero apps

19 June 2024

How to create the perfect AP Solution for your business using a combination of Xero apps.

Xero has 170+ AP or billing apps available in the Xero app store.

It's great, because it gives you choice. 👏

But with so many apps, how do you combine them to create the perfect AP automation for your business?

We'll share the apps our clients have used in conjunction with Parakeet to create the perfect AP solution for them.

💡 But besides using paid apps, we have also included Xero's free 👍 inbuilt features that you can use as an alternative to paid apps (particularly if you don't need the extra features offered by the listed apps).


Create your AP solution, one app at a time -

Because Parakeet is the 'last' leg of the bill payment process, Parakeet works perfectly with 'upstream' apps below to create an automated end to end AP solution.

The great thing about these Parakeet friendly apps are you can build your AP solution one app at a time and start to take advantage of the efficiency gains right away.

This means you don't need to rush to embed an end to end solution on day 1, but can instead take the time your business need to fully implement the solution.

(Please note that all trademarks used are the property of their respective owners, and their use here does not imply affiliation or endorsement by these companies or by Parakeet. These brand owners are not affiliated with Parakeet our products, or our websites. Parakeet has no affiliation, sponsorship, nor any partnerships with any registered trademark)


Upstream billing processes you can automate

  • Coding bills & invoices

  • Validate Supplier bank & Bpay details

  • Approving bills & invoices

  • Paying the bill/invoice

Note - all apps listed below are available on the Xero app store.


Xero Apps - For Coding Bills & Invoices

Coding is where most efficiencies can be gained. Some apps our clients have used:

  • Dext

  • Hubdoc (comes standard with Xero)

  • Prospend

  • Lightyear

  • datamolino

  • Bluesheet

  • AutoEntry

  • EzzyBills

If you use any of these apps, you are well placed to automate the complete payment processes.


Xero Apps - To validate bank & Bpay details

Fraud Risk management is vital, particularly with the large amount of payment fraud that takes place daily.

These validation tools ensure you are paying validated suppliers bank accounts and Bpay facilities to reduce risk of payment being re-directed to the wrong account.

At this stage, there are 2 known apps. For:

  • Bank account details validation - "Eftsure" is a popular choice amongst larger payers.

  • Bpay validation - "Parakeet" is the popular choice for real time validation with Bpay.

💡 Note - Xero has in built controls (free) where access to update account details are restricted with auto-notifications sent for any changes to bank account details.


Xero Apps - For approving bills & invoices

Once your invoices are coded and supplier & Bpay payment details verified, some clients choose to add on an approval tool such as:

  • Approval Max

  • Worfklow Max

  • Prospend

  • Lightyear

  • Xero - 'Planned date' option (powered by Parakeet)

These tools allows you to set up approval routing rules for businesses that requires sophisticated or multiple approval workflows.

💡 However, if your business only requires a simple approval workflow (with 1 or 2 approvers), you can also use Xero's in-built approval tool with the option to use 'Planned date' to trigger approval & payment.


Xero Apps - For paying supplier & Bpay bills

Parakeet can automate the payment of both Bpay and EFT supplier bills out of Xero.

This removes the use of ABA or Bpay file uploads.

  • Parakeet

💡 Parakeet can work as a standalone app or compliment the listed apps above to help you create the perfect AP solution.


Xero Apps - Combination are endless

The great thing about apps is that you can build your AP automation multiple ways. Some combinations we have seen.

  • Hubdoc > Approval max > Parakeet

  • Parakeet > Eftsure > Dext

  • Prospend > Parakeet

  • Dext > Approval Max > EftSure > Parakeet

  • Xero Planned date approval > Parakeet only

  • Eftsure > Xero Planned date approval > Parakeet

💡 Start building the AP automation that works for your business one app at a time.



Not sure if your current app stack works with Parakeet?

Discuss with us first or learn more about it here.

Arrange for a 20 min call / demo here or contact us here.


About Parakeet:

Parakeet is a certified financial services app in the Xero app store that automates bill payments (BPAY & EFT) out of Xero and removes the need for manual uploading of ABA files or BPAY batch files into internet banking.

See Parakeet's Xero App Store listing here.

Learn about Parakeet's automated BPAY Bills payment automation (AP) here


For more information, contact:


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