A simple and secure way to collect payments faster and reduce debts sooner. 

Get set up in minutes and collect payments by direct debit, credit card or existing merchant facility. It's perfect for recurring or one-time payments. 


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Ideal for your customers.


We don't require your customers to be Parakeet users, making one-time payments a breeze. 

Collecting payment details is as easy as putting in their direct debit or credit card details. No added hassles or requests.


No surprises. Customers are always notified by email when a payment is ready or when a recurring payment is automated.

We give your customers the flexibility to pay with their preferred method. Using our merchant facility, we can accept credit card payments on your behalf and deposit straight into the account of your choosing. 


Your customer's payments are fully protected. Parakeet is PCI-DSS Compliant. Our security protocols across our platform, applications and API integrations have been fully audited and certified by this globally recognised standards.

Built to soar with your business.

Accelerate payments.

  • Reduce your debts, admin burdens and cash flow stress. 

  • Convert receivables to cash at bank.

  • Develop social capital, brand equity and buyer loyalty.

  • Enable card payments with existing merchant facility.

  • Accept direct debit.

  • Auto-approve returns.

Customise for you. 

  • Optimise returns for liquidity, cash flow & debt management.  

  • Control which clients receive returns.

  • Customise return rates and amounts to ensure profitability. 

  • Personalise based on your customer relationships and their needs.

  • Use existing loyalty programs.

  • Strengthen customer relationships. 

Maximise opportunities.

  • Minimise debt reliance.

  • Decrease cost of funding.

  • Centralise your AR and AP.

  • Enhance financial line of sight. 

  • Boost decision-making speed.

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