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Add BPAY, bank or your merchant facilities to Xero invoices.

Verify your banking details with us and you are ready to start giving customers multiple payment options. 

Start with your BPAY facilities and expand with direct bank payment or add your existing credit card facilities to Xero invoices. 

Did you know you can also add early payment discounts to encourage your customers to pay early?


Start the 14 days free trial now. 


More payment options for your clients

Add BPAY, bank and credit card options to your Xero invoices

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

Set up your payment details in Parakeet

Once we verify your bank account details and KYC checks,  we will help you set up bank account and credit card payment options (if chosen).

Add your BPAY facility to the invoice

For BPAY, learn how we can help you add BPAY to your Xero invoices here

Accept Xero BPAY payments
BPAY Artwork.jpg
Xero online payments merchants

To receive Card payments, use your existing merchant ID

Parakeet supports 10 'bank' merchant providers (e.g. NAB, WBC, ANZ, CBA) plus online providers Stripe & Braintree. ​ 

See FAQ for details required for each merchant provider Parakeet supports. 

Xero online payments surcharges

Add Surcharges to Card payments


You can choose to pass on your card costs in the form of a surcharge to your customers who chose to pay via Cards. 

This can be set up for both AMEX and Mastercard/Visa.  

To receive EFT (Bank) payments via debit

For direct debits (direct credits), we support deposits to any Australian denominated Bank account (subject to account ownership verification and 3-4 business days funds clearing). 

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

Finally, connect and you are ready to take payments

Once connected, we automatically create the right set of Chart of accounts and apply online payment options to your branding themes in Xero.     


No additional effort required by you. 

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

"Fantastic software! ...this software is a one of it’s kind and saving my time and money!."

Timberly Williams

Helping Australia's business community

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Update your customer's Xero contacts

Keep you customer's contact details (Contact Name Primary Person, Email &Tax (ABN)) up to date in Xero and all your invoices will be ready for on-line payments.


This also gives you the option to get paid even earlier by adding early payment discounts to your Xero invoices. 

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

How it works...

From invoicing to payment

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

Send and email your Invoices from Xero

Once the invoices are approved in Xero, online payments are attached to your invoices.    

Customers receives the 'Pay now' email

Once your customer click the 'Pay Now' link in your Xero invoice, it will now take them to a new page. 

(💡 Do your customers always 'forget' to pay you?  Try adding early payment discounts into the invoice and see if they pay you right away!)

Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC
Xero Online Payments NAB CBA ANZ WBC

Your customers can now pay you, straight from the invoice!

(or using the Parakeet Portal)

Your customers are presented with an option to pay via bank account or if configured, Cards too. 

Your customers do not need to be Parakeet users to take advantage of this. 


We take care of all the entries for discounts, surcharges recovered and close out your invoices automatically, so all you need to do is "1-click" bank rec.   See here to learn more about reconciliation.

We have simplified your Xero & bank reconciliation to just 1-click

We know reconciling different payment methods are a pain to deal with, so we...

Sorted out the book keeping entries too


Every invoice paid (early or on-time) is individually marked as paid in Xero, with accurate discount charges applied to save you time and effort.

Xero Bank Reconciliation
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 11.29.01 am.png
Xero Bank Reconciliation

Where applicable, we automatically create a 'Spend money' transaction in Xero, to record discount you may have given against an interim clearing account* and book it under your new Discounts Expense* account.

For Surcharges Recovered under Card payments, we create a 'Receive Money' transaction and record it against a new Surcharge Recovered* expense account.

* We help establish these accounts as default, however you can customise it at anytime.

Xero Bank Reconciliation
Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 2.24.45 pm.png

Finally, we 'sum' the amount you receive into a 'Final Clearing' account by payment method so when you download and reconcile your bank statement, you will see the batched amount, ready for you to 'match' off. 


In this example,  you received a batched amount of $5,922 from EFT / direct credits & $2,250 from your card /merchant provider.  

Now instead of your trying to match individual invoices to the bank entry, you simply have to do a "1 - click transfer" to your 'Parakeet AR Clearing (Final)' account.   

Reconciliation done.

Xero Bank Reconciliation

Pick Your Plan

Start with 14 days free trial

Add payments to your Xero invoices
(30 days free trial applies to waiver of membership fees - optional extras used are payable. All fees quoted excludes GST.)

Monthly Memberships Plans 

Start with 14 days free trial
Then select one of the plans below

Growth Plan 

$200 per month
1,200 invoices per year
$1.90 per invoice thereafter

Scale-Up Plan 

$400 per month
3,000 invoices per year
$1.75 per invoice thereafter

Established Plan

$750 per month
6,000 invoices per year
$1.65 per invoice thereafter

Large Plan

$1,300 per month
12,000 invoices per year
$1.45 per invoice thereafter

Enterprise Plan
Price on application
>12,000 invoices per year
Enquire for Custom Pricing

Optional Extras
(excluded from free trial offer)

Discount (Returns) fee
20% of the savings / discount given to your customer (e.g. if the discount given is $10, the fee is $2)

Card related charges
0.25% of invoice value paid via Cards

Direct debit charges
$0.00 - included as part of membership plan

BPAY Invoice Reconciliation
Price on application
(learn more here)


Your Customers

No Fees
Free to receive & pay invoices uploaded by you.

Free Parakeet registration 
Parakeet Portal access
Load up unlimited payment methods
Manage discount configurations
Accept customised discounts

Xero Integration and upload of invoices and bills.
Your customers are transferred to a membership plan if a bill or invoice is uploaded to Parakeet via Xero by your customer. 

ESD pricing

All membership packages include:  

Integration & on-boarding:

Invoices module:

(Watch the invoice module demo here)

  • Customisable discount rates (incremental or static Returns)

  • Add early payment discounts to Xero invoices

  • BPAY Automated Invoice Reconciliation

  • Direct debit included

  • BYO Banking & Merchant facility (WBC, ANZ, WBC, NAB, Stripe, Braintree, etc) 

Frequently asked questions


1. Does you app add payment options to Xero invoices?



Once you register & configure your Parakeet portal, we will automatically add direct debit, credit card (if you have one) or BPAY (if you have one) online payment options to your Xero invoices. 

As an added option, we can also add early payment discount to your invoices too. This will encourage your customers to pay you earlier. 

2. I don't have a merchant facility, can I still get paid via the 'Pay Now' link in my Xero invoices?


In that instance, your customers will pay you via Parakeet's direct debit facility.  Funds will be credited to the deposit account you set up with us (subject to account verification).

3. What does my customer see on the statement?

If you provided Parakeet with your own Merchant ID (BYO merchant ID) then your customer statement will display the identifier you configured with your acquiring bank.  


If your customers are paying you via direct entry, they will see ‘Parakeet payments’ on their statement.

4. I have my own merchant facility, which acquiring banks do you accept?

We support all the major banks in Australia and online providers Stripe and Braintree.

For the full list, refer here

5. How long does it take for the money to clear?

For direct debit, it is usually 3-4 business days.

For credit cards, usually 1-2 business days. 

6. I have my own direct entry facilities with my bank, can I use it via Parakeet?

If you have a NAB or Westpac direct entry ID (direct debit and/or direct credit), then yes, we can support it.  This is custom configuration, so please contact us to find out more. 

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