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Parakeet is the easiest and most profitable way to pay all your vendor and BPAY bills, whether you are making a one-time payment, recurring or paying at scale.


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How Parakeet works


Connect Parakeet to your accounting software (e.g. XERO) to automate vendor and BPAY payments. Then add the payment methods of your choice. No more late bill payments or vendor reminders. We make sure you pay early or on the due date


Parakeet automates requests in a manner that values your vendors, while also optimising for cash flow and debt relief. If you or your vendor choose to decline the offer, no worries. Parakeet ensures vendors get paid on-time by scheduling payments for the due date.


Decide the minimum return offer you are willing to approve in exchange for paying early. Once settings are completed by both you and your vendor, our platform intelligently matches, queues and pays invoices that meet everyone's financial goals. You'll save money while also saving time.

Ideal for your vendors. Time saver for you.


Ensuring vendor and BPAY payments are paid by or before the due date, provides your vendor with peace of mind. As a result you'll create better vendor loyalty and increased social capital.


No surprises. Vendors are always notified by email when a payment is made. Once settled, Parakeet automatically prepares the bill for reconciliation in their existing accounting software.



Vendors can rest easy knowing their details are fully protected. Parakeet is PCI-DSS Compliant. Our security protocols across our platform, applications and API integrations have been fully audited and certified by this globally recognised standards.

Built to soar with your business.

Simplify payments.

  • Schedule vendor and BPAY bill payments from your accounting software (e.g. XERO).  No more batches or re-inputting needed.

  • Reduce errors and admin burdens.

  • Develop social capital, brand equity and vendor relationships.

  • Simplify budget compliance.

  • Choose your preferred payment method, including credit card.

Customise for you. 

  • Optimise returns for cash flow and debt management.  

  • Control which bills you wish to pay.

  • Personalise based on vendor relationships and your needs.

  • Improve profit margin.

  • Strengthen return on capital with no increased risk.

  • Advance financial performance. 

Maximise opportunities.

  • Transform AP into a treasury centre.

  • Enhance financial line of sight. 

  • Boost decision-making speed.

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